All-round Procurement Digitalization

Build a more compliant, efficient and intelligent digital procurement ecosystem

  • Supplier Management

    An efficient and comprehensive supplier management portfolio helps you build a better and transparent supplier system

    An efficient and comprehensive supplier management portfolio helps you build a better and transparent supplier system

    Supplier full life cycle management, and build the supplier management center;

    Integrate risk control data and dynamically monitor supplier risk;

    Comprehensive and automated supplier performance management and analysis.

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  • Smart Sourcing

    Cover all souring decisions of the enterprise, and negotiate best-value agreements with suitable suppliers to reduce costs

    Cover all souring decisions of the enterprise, and negotiate best-value agreements with suitable suppliers to reduce costs

    Combination of multiple sourcing schemes suitable for more sourcing scenarios;

    Intelligent purchase price management tool for comprehensive control of TOC;

    Integrate massive number of platform suppliers to expand the sourcing resource;

    E-procurement contract management, which is efficient and convenient.

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  • Agile Collaboration

    Build collaborative links with partners to realize in-depth collaboration and improve efficiency

    Build collaborative links with partners to realize in-depth collaboration and improve efficiency

    Forecast & plan synergy, which provides clear supply expectation;

    Order collaboration and flexible configuration support complicated business scenarios;

    Delivery & receiving synergy and integration of logistics information make accurate responses;

    Quality synergy & rectification provide the closed-loop traceability of quality process;

    Financial settlement collaboration and automatic processing, simplifying the settlement process.

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  • E-commerce Mall

    Build a self-owned procurement mall of indirect materials for enterprise

    Build a self-owned procurement mall of indirect materials for enterprise

    Interconnection with the prevailing e-commerce platforms, so that users can enjoy the full category procurement in the shopping mall;

    Support price comparison of cross-platform commodities (cross-platform price comparison);

    Covering procurement scenarios such as e-commerce procurement and bonus points;

    Support catalogued procurement management of self-owned suppliers.

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  • Open platform

    To realize fast connection with supplier resources and internal management system

    To realize fast connection with supplier resources and internal management system

    Rich experience in ERP systems integration;

    Self-service management of enterprise-related interface services;

    Dozens of large e-commerce platforms are available for quick access.

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  • Application Market

    Introduce a large number of plug-in value-added applications jointly with ecological partners and support enterprises to select based on requests

    Introduce a large number of plug-in value-added applications jointly with ecological partners and support enterprises to select based on requests

    Efficiency improvement tools such as ZYCO, electronic signature, and smart document, etc;

    Assisted decision-making tools such as wide sourcing and price index;

    Security risk control related tools such as risk radar and cloud warehousing.

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One-stop management platform for multi-categories

  • Direct Materials

    Raw materials, components, auxiliary materials, packaging materials

  • Indirect Materials

    Office supplies, labor insurance & security, equipment, hardware tools...

  • E-commerce Mall

    Build an exclusive enterprise mall to realize self-service procurement and centralized procurement

    • High procurement frequency, heavy offline collaboration workload;

    • Loose process of supplier on-board , and the supplier evaluation is inefficient;

    • When the purchase amount is high, the cost control effect has a large impact;

    • Lack of risk management systems.

    • The procurement process goes online

      Efficient internal and external collaboration

    • Supplier lifecycle management

      Enhance supply-side needs

    • A variety of sourcing methods and price comparison tools

      Comprehensively reduce procurement costs

    • The warning information is automatically releasd

      Effective risk control

    • Too many request departments, and lack of experience in Business software operations;

    • The procurement department acts as a communication microphone between the business department and the supplier, which cause too much ineffective communication;

    • Low degree of standardization, scattered requirements, and a large quantity of materials and single purchases;

    • Low labor input-output ratio and the purchase amount managed by a single buyer is too small.

    • Build a procurement E-commerce Mall

      Self-service procurement at anytime and anywhere

    • Enterprise can put commodities on shelf independently

      Reduce cumbersome transactions

    • Standardization of procurement process

      Enable centralized procurement

    • Automatic warning and automatic reconciliation

      Efficient operation

    • Narrow sourcing range and low procurement efficiency;

    • Large number of category, scattered requirements and complicated procurement process;

    • Urgent demands , and heavy management workload.

    • Collection of suppliers and third-party platform sources

      Tons of options

    • Gather purchasing request and reflect the advantages of scale procurement

      Bulk bargaining reduces purchasing costs

    • When it is needed, it can be purchased and used at once

      Shorten the procurement cycle

Multi-dimensional Procurement Management

  • Request Dept

    Better, faster and more economically

  • Buyer

    Easier procurement workflow

  • Management

    Everything is under control

    • Diverse requirements and few material options;

    • Procurement process is tediously long and the complaints increase;

    • Scattered requirements and high procurement costs.

    • Build catalog-based mall and E-commerce mall

      More resources

    • Real-time follow-up of approval processes and logistics information

      Faster arrivals

    • Centralized purchasing realization, the whole process is under control

      Better quality, lower costs

    Reducing procurement expense

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    • Difficult to determine the suitable price;

    • Difficult to raise business requirements and can only be procured passively;

    • Many suppliers, long process, and difficult to control the risk.

    • Multiple sourcing methods

      Easily sourcing decision

    • Data empowers decision-making

      Arrange your purchase plan in advance

    • Automatic exception notification

      Risk warning

    Productivity Boost

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    • Only participate in partial procurement approval, and unable to learn the whole picture of the procurement;

    • All departments are required to reduce costs and increase efficiency, but there is no substantive effect;

    • Unclear procurement operation.

    • Supplier resources and external suppliers

      Visualization of performance

    • Internal purchasing staff

      Visualization of KPI

    • Records of the entire procurement process

      Visualization of operation

    Visualization of procurement

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Covering All Industries & All Scenarios

Provide more verticalized solution portfolio to speed up the business development

Industry Solutions

New Business Scenarios家居行业icon选中.svg Furniture Industry

Based on the business scenarios of furniture industry procurement, we can provide digital procurement solutions, connect the whole process digital breakpoints such as supplier management, sourcing and quotation, costs reduction and business performance improvement.白酒行业icon选中.svg Liquor Industry

Provide liquor enterprises with a platform of online inquiry and bidding and an enterprise mall. Through the concerted platform, realize the whole process of online automation, help liquor enterprises tackle problems such as complex production area management, difficulty in complete packaging materials, and difficulty in end to end tracing.食品行业icon选中.svg Food Industry

Provide one-stop digital procurement solutions, including supplier full-life cycle management, whole link tracing and price assistant, and support the food enterprises to rapidly adapt to new consumer demands of short cycle of product launch and personalized design.服装行业icon选中.svg Garment Industry

Aimed at purchase business scenarios including ready-made clothes, finished products and store operation, we can provide the whole process digital management like supplier classification management, delivery, quality and business collaboration to prompt the procurement digitalization of apparel enterprises.连锁零售icon选中.svg Chain Retail Industry

For the business scenarios of the store side and supply chain side of chain retail industry, through digital procurement to make complicated things simple, we can strengthen multi-party collaboration, and promote the efficiency of sourcing and check & acceptance so as to solve the procurement issues in one single stop.化妆品icon选中.svg Cosmetics Industry

Considering the procurement characteristics of diversified supplier types, a broader range of product categories and high concerted requirements, we can provide one-stop procurement solutions and make great efforts to help enterprises control the supplier chain system, shorten the new product R&D cycle and improve the enterprise competitiveness.医药icon选中.svg Pharmaceutical Industry

Build a new digital procurement management system to solve the problems such as large demand for raw and auxiliary materials and packaging materials and strict qualification requirements in the pharmaceutical industry, and build a uniform portal to realize supplier relationship management, reduce the procurement risk and realize the whole process tracking.互联网icon选中.svg Internet Industry

As the Internet is dominated by “light assets” mode, we have built a catalog-based purchase platform of self-owned suppliers to realize centralized and standardized procurement and greatly enhance the risk control ability of enterprise procurement business.化工行业icon选中.svg Chemical Industry

Based on the procurement characteristics of chemical enterprises, we can provide solutions of digital procurement, achieve transparent management of the whole procurement process, fully develop the advantages of scale procurement and boast a complete business evidence chain.福利商城icon选中.svg E-commerce Mall Procurement Scenarios

The Group is responsible for the e-commerce procurement of employee benefits. Employees can purchase in the inner shopping mall, and exchange with accumulated points and place orders. Commodities can be directly sent to the employees by the supplier, with the logistics information traceable throughout the process.品牌连锁集团icon选中.svg Procurement scenarios of brand chain group

The headquarters are responsible for the overall operation of the procurement mall. All departments and users of thousands of stores can purchase in the procurement mall and place order in real time. Headquarters or regional departments can purchase for the stores and place orders in batches. Commodities will be directly delivered to the terminal stores by suppliers.移动端采购商城icon选中.svg Mobile terminal shopping mall

Buyers can purchase at the mobile internal mall via telephone and place orders in real time. Corresponding personnel can be reminded of relevant procurement information through workflow to complete the approval process via telephone. Commodities can be directly delivered to terminal users by the supplier.采销一体icon选中.svg Integration of purchasing & marketing

The e-commerce operation company is in charge of the e-commerce procurement of non biological materials. Commodities can be directly delivered to final users by the supplier, with the logistics information tracked in real time. This shopping model has eased the procurement difficulties of e-commerce operation companies and internal companies under the Group, delivering more selections and more reasonable prices to individuals.企业商城购物车icon选中.svg Shopping cart of enterprise mall

The Group can centralize the control of standard products and parts, low value consumables and general materials. The procurement department can place order in a centralized manner and allocate expenses based on actual conditions. The demand department can directly purchase and follow up the documents in real time. Employees can directly complete agency purchase and collection within budget control. Help enterprises do a good job in “uniform management of group procurement, targeted procurement demand, standardized and orderly procurement process”.领用商城icon选中.svg Shopping mall for consuming

Realize smooth connection between procurement and consumption to connect the offline consumption to the online process control and link through the process of reporting the consuming demand, approval demand, generating consuming documents and consuming ex-warehouse to provide enterprises with standardized online process control scheme.企业商城拼单购icon选中.svg Group buying of enterprise mall

As for enterprise shopping mall group buying, through the method of “selecting before buying”, problems such as inaccurate demand caused by failure to grasp varied product, supplier information and market situation due to information. no sharing can be solved. Through the collection method of “separating before combining”, the purpose of independent reporting of demands and overall summary & analysis can be realized.家居行业icon.svg

Furniture Industry白酒行业icon.svg

Liquor Industry食品行业icon.svg

Food Industry服装行业icon.svg

Garment Industry连锁零售icon.svg

Chain Retail Industry化妆品icon.svg

Cosmetics Industry医药icon.svg

Pharmaceutical Industry互联网icon.svg

Internet Industry化工行业icon.svg

Chemical Industry福利商城icon.svg

E-commerce Mall Procurement Scenarios品牌连锁集团icon.svg

Procurement scenarios of brand chain group移动端采购商城icon.svg

Mobile terminal shopping mall采销一体icon.svg

Integration of purchasing & marketing企业商城购物车icon.svg

Shopping cart of enterprise mall领用商城icon.svg

Shopping mall for consuming企业商城拼单购icon.svg

Group buying of enterprise mall

Customer Testimony

With ZHENYUN, I can do all the following sourcing, bidding and negotiation processes, and then make the process run at the system level in a transparent way.

Jinjiang Global Procurement Platform

—— Senior Vice President Caihua Yan甄知访谈缩略图-伽蓝-01.jpg

We find that the ZHENYUN SYSTEM highly meets our requirements. Besides, there is a team with rich industry experience that quickly helps us implement the system.

JALA Group

—— Vice President Min Li甄知访谈缩略图-伽蓝-李总.png新力物业_甄知访谈.jpg

ZHENYUN empowers us through multiple channels, perspectives and industries.

XINLI Property Group

——Procurement Manager Ming Zhong钟鸣.png蓝湖资本_甄知访谈.jpg

This first mover advantage is more reflected in the business. With a large number of successful customer cases and lighthouse cases giving feedback to our products, it can guide our products to upgrade and iterate more efficiently, to meet requirements of customers, and to make our products more competitive.


——Founder and Managing Partner Lei Hu胡磊_蓝湖资本.png

ZHENYUN’s system can meet our requirements and optimize quickly and intelligently, which is a good partner on our growth path.


——Supply Chain Director Jinwei Zhang

Upgrade Procurement with Excellent Enterprises

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    • FMCG
    • New Energy
    • Chemical Industry
    • Auto Equipment
    • Pharmaceutical Industry
    • Real Estate Properties
    • Furniture Industry
    • Transportation Industry
    • Financial Industry
    • Garment Industry
    • Farming, Forestry, Fishery and Animal Husbandry
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